i will not forget
a global holocaust remembrance day event
from the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem
We are grateful for the outpouring of participation and support for this special broadcast. Thousands of churches and individuals around the world were able to watch the special including a special broadcast in Russia!
You can still see the special and sign up to be One in 6 Million by clicking the link below. Your registration secures your name in the Book of Remembrance in the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem. We are asking for Christians to stand in solidarity with Israel and God’s Chosen people to say NEVER AGAIN! One name for every Holocaust victim will be placed in this special book and remain on permanent display.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "I Will Not Forget"?
A global event on Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 15th 2015 - in which we remember "The Darkness" and "The Light"
  • The Darkness: The unspeakable tragedy of the six million Holocaust victims and survivors...
  • The Light: Those Christians who gave their health, wealth and in some instances their lives to rescue and aid Jewish people.
This is an opportunity for the church to now show God's love to His Chosen People.
Who is putting this event on?
This event is sponsored by the Friends of Zion Heritage Center – a brand new museum in Jerusalem that tells the story of Christian Heroes and their history. The museum shares the story of The Darkness and the Light in a way that is hi-tech, innovative and interactive. This remarkable museum is now open as a place of inspiration. Here visitors will see how Christian Zionists played a vital role in the establishment of the nation of Israel – and why their ongoing support of God’s Chosen people is so vital. The museum was established with the support of the international friends of The Jerusalem Prayer Team.
Why is this event being held now?
This year is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camps, and the memory of both Holocaust survivors and Christian heroes who helped them will fade if we do not act now. The nation of Israel is under attack on every side, and in great need of support as well.
Why should my church take part in this event?
A large number of Jewish people believe that Christians hate them and would do evil to them if given the opportunity. As the church we must show them a different story—that true Believers love and care for the Jewish people.
What is the focus of "I Will Not Forget"?
This is much more than a time of mourning for the sins of the past—it is an inspiring and motivating message for our day. It is part of God's end-time plan for His church to pray for and support His Chosen People.
What is the cost for participating in this event?
There is no cost. This is a free event.
Will people be asked for an offering or gifts for the Friends of Zion Heritage Center?
No. This is an event designed to promote love between Christians and Jews, and all the costs have been covered by the gifts of our Jerusalem Prayer Team members.
What is involved in being part of this event?
We encourage churches to incorporate this special event into their church service. Churches have a number of options for participating. We are encouraging meetings on Wednesday, April 15 which is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Churches may wish to use part of the previous or following Sunday services as well. This remembrance could be part of a small group meeting or presented to the entire congregation.

In addition, churches can choose to receive a FREE DVD of the full 30-minute program, which can be reviewed before the event and then played for your group. There is also a shortened 10-minute version that is especially designed for Sunday services.
What is Yom HaShoah?
Since the early 1950s the nation of Israel has set aside one day a year to mourn the six million Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. It is a day of solemn remembrance.
How can my church be part of this event?
Click here to sign up and receive your free materials for "I Will Not Forget" When you sign up for "I Will Not Forget" you are joining a growing global event. Excitement is building even before the official launch as many churches have already asked to be part of this special day. It is a unique way for you and your people to show God's love to the Jewish congregation in Israel and around the world.

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Be part of "I Will Not Forget" on 04-15-2015
Today we invite you to join more than 10,000 churches and hundreds of thousands of Believers around the world in standing as lights in the darkness. Join us as we remember the horrible pain and evil of the past, and as we vow "never again." This April 15th be part of a powerful testimony of Christian love to the Jewish people and do your part to stand in the gap.
If you are a friend of Israel and the Jewish people, you can't miss this prophetic day.
We are not able to accept any more names to ship the DVD in time for the event on 4/15/15. However, complete your information below and we’ll send you a link to view or download the video "I Will Not Forget."

Friends of Zion Heritage Center

In a beautiful five story building located just 600 meters from the Temple Mount, a unique museum is now open to tell the stories of Christian love for the Jewish people. Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology and combining lighting, sounds, special effects and holograms, the experience each visitor receives will make a powerful impression. The heart of the museum is “Lights in the Darkness” a special display highlighting the sacrifices Christians made for the sake of the Jewish people during the Holocaust.
Click here for a virtual tour of this amazing facility
( http://fozhc.com )

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Friends of Zion Heritage Center is retired Israeli General Yossi Peled. As a baby, he was taken to a Christian family by his Jewish parents in Belgium. They raised him as their own, never telling him of his heritage. After the war, his mother—the only member of his immediate family to survive—came back and took him to Israel. After a life of defending his nation, he now is lending his influence and support to telling the stories of Christians who cared for and love the Jewish people.

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